Martingale Trading

Martingale Trading

Martingale is a trading system of increasing lots after a loss to recover the previous loss in the next trade. When used with a system with predictable losing and winning streaks, it can lead to profitability. However, caution should be used when employing martingale and if you don’t understand it properly, take time to learn before employing it in your strategy.

To Active Martingale: Select input Martingale from Recovery Trade Type

  • Number of Trades After Martingale Reset: You can set Max trade EA will try to martingale. If the number of loss trade reach this level, EA will stop martingale and open trade with normal lots.
  • Lot Type (For Martingale): Lot Type for Martingale
    • Multiple Lots (For Martingale): Set value of multiple. Multiply last lot by the set factor.
    • Add Lots (For Martingale):  Lots will be added with your last loss trade’s lots size
    • Custom Lots (For Martingale): Set custom lots for every individual martingale trade separate by “;”

When Martingale Reset?

  • When any of the trade close within profit, the martingale will stop and EA will open the next trade with a normal lot size
  • Number of Trades After Martingale Reset, when your losing trade reaches this level, EA will stop martingale and open trade with normal lots.

Caution Using Martingale

  • For Martingale, if any trigger happens and your terminal close or restarts or you remove EA from the chart and attach EA on the chart then EA will restart then Martingale will be stop.