EA Configurations


Since trading is based on Technical and Fundamentals it can be highly affected by High Impact News like NFP, PMI, GDP, CPI, and many more. This means the EA may be affected by news directly or indirectly. The settings below will guide you to enable or disable EA during High Impact News, Medium News, and Low News. 

  • Slippage:┬áThe value set here is used by the EA to notify the broker how much deviation from the submitted open price is allowed. But now in the day, it will not work. It is just a default function for the Metatrader terminal to open trade.
  • MagicNumber: Set this to identify trades by the EA. It should be unique and not in use by another EA on the same pair with the same account. By default, EA identifies trades by MagicNumber with pair. So your want to use different pair then you can use the same MagicNumber
  • TradeComment: The comment is submitted with the order; it can be seen on the trade tab when the trade is open.
  • WorkWithNegativeBalance: If set to true, allows the EA to continue trading even when the set balance falls below the set amount.